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Welcome to Sujatha's musical community!

I am an ethnic-spiritual singer of Polish origin, currently living in the UK and travelling to many countries in and outside Europe, to share with others joy and love that singing brings into my life.

I am really happy to see you here and if there's anything you want to ask or chat about, just drop me a line at connect@sujatharea.com

Much love to you!

  • Beautiful and powerful...

    "Kind of experimental vibe with a touch of melancholy, but my God the production, musicianship and the vocals are all immaculate. It's so beautifully recorded too. I am honestly obsessed with this album, it's so beautiful and powerful." Edward

  • Genius...

    "This album is genius" Mateusz

  • Worlds of different moods...

    "I find it a beautiful surprise. It's so full of colours and deep, such soothing atmosphere.. The musicians have created a beautiful world of new musical flavourings that bring you across worlds of different moods (...)" Arie

Meet Sujatha Réa

One of my greatest passions is to help people to discover and release their true, authentic voice. This is a unique gift that we all have been given, and also an amazing self-healing tool. Whether you are just starting your journey on voice-discovery and need a hand to build a solid foundation, or are a more experienced singer but just need some consultation on your growth journey - I would love to work with you and help you discover your true potential, so you can express yourself fully and sing your heart out!