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Concert offering - Sujatha Réa & Przemek Pogocki with the band

Concert offering - Sujatha Réa & Przemek Pogocki with the band

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Concert of Sujatha Réa & Przemek Pogocki with the ethnic and early music ensemble, presenting music from the latest album "The Secret Dialect" and much more.

"The Secret Dialect" is an ethnic music album presenting seven traditional songs - a Polish and a Kurdish lullaby, a Syrian love song, an English Renaissance lute song, a Sephardic Jewish song, a jazz standard with Spanish twist and an Indian bhajan. The album contains an unusual blend of various instruments and styles that do not always correspond to the natural background and origin of the instruments themselves. By singing in the languages and playing on traditional instruments of nations from very different cultural heritage and background – and some of them with difficult history - we can meet together as group of friends and create music that has no boundaries and can be understood universally. Music takes us to some innocent world, it is one "secret dialect" that it uses to communicate, simply the language of the heart...

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